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Why Are Maxpedition Bags So Expensive? Founder Tim Tang Answers –

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Why are Maxpedition packs so expensive? Take a listen to Tim Tang the founder and president of Maxpedition. What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Why Are Maxpedition Bags So Expensive? Founder Tim Tang Answers –

  1. Quality and workmanship cost. I’ve had a Jumbo and Mongo bags for over ten years. They got dirty and I washed them off. A few threads have frayed but nothing a big deal. My Jumbo bag weighs eight pounds when carried. My Mongo weighs in at fifteen pounds when I carry it. Only thing I’ve had to replace was the shoulder pad on the Jumbo. These bags might not be made in the USA but impressive quality and workmanship can come from anywhere. Maxpedition name means tough, long-lasting, and dependable to me and others. It is why I only own bags by them.

  2. I have had a Falcon 2 legacy bag for about 6 years, traveling all over Africa and India for work as my daily use bag. It is just a good as the day that I bought it. I just bought a Entity 27 as I am getting a larger work laptop. Very pleased so far. I am re purposing my Falcon backpack for home (US) use. Very pleased with Maxpedition bags and products and they define value and quality.

  3. I spent a little time at maxpeditions website. No need to look elsewhere. Any type of bag you desire is there. I see at least a half a dozen I would love to have. What a company. Thanks for the video. And thanks for listing all the wonderful products in the description. I really enjoy your channel.👍🏻

  4. Just to give props to Maxpedition, my 21 year old son used the same Maxpedition Condor II backpack from 3rd grade through graduating from college. And the backpack is still going strong. School kids give their backpacks tremendous abuse over the years. Same thing with my younger son who is a HS senior and still using his Condor II. The paracord zip pulls came off years ago, but I replaced them with split rings like you use for a keychain. So yes, Maxpedition is expensive, but they last forever.

  5. Tim,
    Great Q&A with Maxpedition. I have been watching these gear guys over the years. Much of the gear, including Maxpedition, was initially marketed to the military during the height of the OIF and OEF (2004-2009). When the military market leveled off and the U.S. Government contract to supply the Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI) was awarded, these companies began marketing to the civilian outdoor world. Also, as Tim Tang points out, there are similar styles of packs among these companies. China got involved in the manufacturing side of it as a way for smaller companies to be competitive with more established brands. Frankly, the Chinese offering manufacturing services gives the Chinese Intelligence operatives cover to infiltrate places like Shot Show to steal ideas and make contacts. As to price, the market sets the price. There is a law in the U.S. called Competitive Pricing. All goods and services within a particular market, say outdoor gear, have to stay within a certain percentage of each other. So, a $150 Maxpedition backpack is within a margin of similar $150 backpacks sold by other companies. Maxpedition selling a new line of backpacks valued at $150 for $75 would be a violation of the Competitive Pricing rule. They would then be subject to legal issues as they would be considered price gouging, an unfair advantage against their competitors.

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