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Survival Lessons from The Great Depression

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7 thoughts on “Survival Lessons from The Great Depression

  1. With the Chronic Wasting Disease in deer etc and meat allergy ticks in USA, probably best to stick to a plant diet.

  2. Another crash is inevitable within the current system, always going to boom, then bust.

    Without sufficient regulations, namely Glass Steagul, especially.

  3. My parents & grandparents went thru the great depression. My Mom came from a poor family to start with as her Dad was a drinker. He hunted for deer/rabbit & squirrel & they ate a lot of beans. Mom chewed coal tar for chewing gum. My other Grandfather was a WWI war hero & he worked for the postal service so they were better off than most folks. My Mom was forever changed as she was a penny pincher for the rest of her natural life & she wasted nothing.

  4. My mother went thru the Great Depression. Had to quit school in the 3rd grade to go to work in the fields. My father did not own his own pair of shoes, underwear or cloths until he joined the military for WW2. He had to share his cloths with 15 other kids. A piece of bread and a class of milk was all they had to eat. Sometimes they had to go a day or so without eating so others could eat. He was over 6 foot and weighted under 115 lbs when he joined the military . The Depression was tough. All those values were passed along to me. I have never been in debt and save 20 percent or more of my wages.

  5. Unfortunately i think your talking to people of the same mindset ,i could be wrong. I myself live Vermont was born in New Hampshire we have a small farm ,we can food ,hunt ,fish and trade with people and help each other out . Here we call it dickering really it just trade the Yankee way lol. My mother is from Scotland my father was adopted from the Ukraine after WW2 so i was brought up to think the old way which im thankful for. But nowadays if you talk prepping ,or planning for the worst ie food ,guns , ammo your looked at funny so i just laugh and think dont come knocking when or if it happens ! I feel i know more then enough to survive but am always looking for more information so thank you for what you do along with all the other creators! I also believe we need to push our children to learn as well! Fortunately my children enjoy it so im fortunate . Yes thay love the xbox an ps4 but you need to get them involved young. We have now started the Overland thing and i have built a 4runner just for that which intern has proved a great way to test gear and ideas.

  6. Cash in my billfold?
    WTF is a billfold?
    (jk I know what it is even though probably nobody calls a wallet a billfold anymore. But I don’t carry a wallet either.)

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