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Strongest $25 Folding Knife – Cold Steel Pocket Bushman

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The Cold Steel Pocket Bushman is the strongest $25 folding knife I have ever seen. It makes a great survival kit knife or backup knife. Even if the lock can be a pain in the neck until you get used to it.

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8 thoughts on “Strongest $25 Folding Knife – Cold Steel Pocket Bushman

  1. I was just going through my B.O.B. stuff and unearthed my pocket bushman ! Coincidence ? I think not 🙂
    Great review and I am relieved that it passed the balance test !

  2. it may not look cool and the lock may be a pain, but, hey, it passed the balance test with flying colors, so thats a definite plus in my books!

  3. Looks to me like it would be good for an emergency kit or smaller EDC bag where a fixed blade of the same size might have too large a footprint to work. Because of the lock and uncomfortable (looking) handle I don’t think it would make a good EDC pocket knife (and I do carry large folders sometimes.) I have been going back and forth about getting one and if I do I will probably take a spray can of that ‘tool dip’ type stuff, open the knife, stuff the channel with paper and then spray a section of the blade where it is actually gripped on both sides and down the back as well as the thin leading edges on either side of the channel. I did such a thing on a Buck Paklite (fixed blade) with a skeletonized handle and it really improves the security of the grip and comfort without really adding much to the width. As this is not a ‘pretty’ knife I would have no problem with that and think that it might actually improve the aesthetics (such as they are) a little. Wouldn’t care if a little overspray got into the channel – just scrape it off with a razor blade or something. Don’t know how long it would last but if it started to wear I could just spray, again.

    1. If you click the Amazon link in the description of this video you’ll see about a $25 price. At least Right now anyway. Plus any purchase you make after clicking that link help benefit the channel at no extra cost to you. Haven’t you been thinking about buying a new big screen anyway 🙂

  4. This knife has inferior steel looks on this blade are not great.
    But at 25 dollars looks like you can’t beat this blade for the price. Look like a knife you could throw in a pack and leave it and forget about until you need it.
    You have go to give it to cold steel there isnt many companies out there to make large very stron folders.

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