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SECRET Fire Steel Technique Everybody Needs To Know

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SECRET Fire Steel Technique Everybody Needs To Know
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12 thoughts on “SECRET Fire Steel Technique Everybody Needs To Know

  1. Yeah I know I should get another dog, but I am still not over Dax’s death, so I do not want to have another dog yet. But sometimes I borrow my aunts dog Julie. She is a really nice dog (Labrador retriever) and always stays at my side watching and guarding me 🙂 <3

    1. I know how you feel. My dog was like my child. He went everywhere with us even to eat. The restaurant would sit us outside veranda and give us a doggy bowl for his water. When he died it was hard. I still have not gotten another dog and it’s been 16 yrs. since he died. I still want another dog. I just don’t know when. Soon maybe

    2. Hard to lose loved ones, I keep a photo of my old black lab on the wall in a nice frame w a claw: wich isn nice to keep him with me every day ~ you should get a German Shepard puppy 🌲👍🔥🐶

    3. Survival Lilly
      I fully understand and I believe that anyone who has
      ever lost a “furry child” will too…
      Don’t be in any hurry, when the time is right you’ll know.
      Most likely, you will meet your new “Baby” out of the blue
      and both of you will just know that it’s meant to be…

  2. Well you tube recommended this video. Well I am very impressed. You shamelessly advertised your knife that you keep copying/ sorry fixing/sorry upgrading and you have still not shown anyone a secret. Maybe its a good idea to stop watching other YT videos for ideas and just get out and do it. Wait.. great video idea. How to tie your laces with my new improved knife. I will avoid YT prompt in the future

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