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Managing Pain Without a Prescription with Diet, Supplements and Herbal Remedies

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9 thoughts on “Managing Pain Without a Prescription with Diet, Supplements and Herbal Remedies

  1. Followed the Bell brothers for years now. They have awesome content and truly make you think. Glad you’re doing well.

  2. One thing I would like to add is breath and aroma therapy. But more than the aroma itself is the importance of breathing. Deep breathing exercises not only help manage stress but if you push the breathing further you can manage pain on air alone. The regimen I recommend is 30 deep breaths whilst sitting relaxed or laying down and then exhaling and holding on the exhale. You will become light headed and feel like you might faint but you ignore it and keep going. Do not hold inbetween breaths, in and out at cadence. You will begin to tingle on the empty hold and you will feel good and almost weightless. Any time of day but several times per day. It may even give you energy to get up and do things. I know it does for me.

  3. I have chronic back pain. Bulging disc, sciatica, and neuropathy in my feet and legs. Its very tough to try to make it through the day at work. I’m on my feet 8 hours a day, mostly standing and some walking. I was taking an opiod based pain pill for about 5 years then I lost my insurance. I could not afford Obama care. My medicine was costing over 300 a month. I gave up the pain meds. Been off of them for a year now but I take Ibuprofen by the handfuls. I’ve heard Kratom is the way to go for chronic pain. I would like to find a reasonable priced supplier. Still looking.
    By the way, Pot should be legal in this country. If I could smoke pot legally I would do so. Guarantee it would knock that pain out.
    Can’t afford the street value of it either. I remember ounces for 15 bucks back in the 70s. Of course I didn’t have pain back then either.

    1. Krave kratom is another good brand that is reasonably priced. If Club 13 is out of the strains I like, Krave is my backup choice.

  4. This has been really informational, thanks for this. You’ve opened up some new avenues of study for me to incorporate into my plans.

  5. I have been working hard on my life style changes this year. Not a diet but a change. Hardly any carbs and eating protein and greens. I have lost 32# this year and my knees are feeling great, very little pain. I was at 365# 2yrs ago and now I am at 292#. I have reduce my A1C by 40% by cutting out the sugars. I quit drinking Pop (Soda) now I drink coffee, water and unsweetened tea. I am taking 1000 mg of cinnamon to help with diabetes also taking 1000 mg vitamin D3. Do you a resource? any books?

    1. Never read any books, just google searches and YouTube. One of the best channels is Dr. Eric Berg for nutritional information.
      Congrats on the weight loss brother! I’ve lost about the same amount so I know how tough it is.
      I’ll have to try cinnamon. I’m not diabetic, but anything to keep my insulin down the better.

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