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How To Use the MRE Heater

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Sensible Prepper Presents: How To Use the MRE Heater

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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7 thoughts on “How To Use the MRE Heater

  1. The heater bag is awesome…my uncle served in vietnam he told me that they use to use a tiny tiny amount of c4 to heat up cans and whatnot lol…he is definitely one that likes to pull your leg pretty often tho….is there any other vets reading this that can confirm that was an actual method used over there??….thanks so much to all that served.

  2. Sorry, Mr Prepper, but you didn’t read instruction #5. “With heater UNDERNEATH MRE….” (Their capitalization, not mine.) Of course, you could have just flipped the box over while it was heating, but you didn’t.

    I just ate my first MRE because the box was going on 5 years old in my fridge and I’ll be replacing it soon, so I wanted to check it out before donating it to our local homeless.

    It was Southwest Style Beef and Black Beans. It’s certainly not Taco Bell, but it was okay. Came with a pack of Tortillas, cheese spread, Beef snack? (some kind of beef stick), Toaster pastry, Apple pieces in spiced sauce, and instant Mocha Cappuccino, and a salt/pepper/breath mint, etc pack. So I guess you eat the Toaster pastry and Mocha Cap for breakfast, and the rest for your daily meal.

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