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How Maxpedition Got Started – SHOT 2019

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I had the chance at SHOT Show this year to get a little personal with Maxpedition founder and President Tim Tang. We talked about how he started Maxpedition and what’s in store for the future.

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13 thoughts on “How Maxpedition Got Started – SHOT 2019

  1. Good morning Bryan, I hope you’re well. I’ve been afraid that I had been missing your videos this week but I guess it’s just been a slow video week and busy plumbing week ๐Ÿ˜

    1. My normal programming schedule is to release a new video every Friday and Saturday. I was posting a new one every day for a while after shot show because I had a lot of content to release from the show. Weโ€™re back to normal now with the videos on Friday and Saturday and occasionally random videos throughout the week. Thanks for tuning in

  2. I was really hoping to see Maxpedition take over the Ribz Pack line and put their own spin and quality into the product.

    1. Survival On Purpose Just wanted you to know, you work so hard at what you do and I appreciate your channel.

    2. This was the last leftover shot show video with the new mic. Regular programming will resume shortly ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. SIR love you and no need to review because it’s so expensive but can u review a cheap tactical pants?5.11 taclite pants

    2. I will be glad to review them if you want to send me a pair. At $200 I am probably not going to buy a pair just to do a review.

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