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How Humans Are Ranked – Rant

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7 thoughts on “How Humans Are Ranked – Rant

  1. You see the same dominion standards in apes too. Strength, confidence, money (the equivalent of food and resources in the ape world) and some other things. This community has pretty much left it. It’s about sizing up the other person because people always assume the worst out of others.

  2. i really like this philosiohy vid tac. but kinda made me realize im kinda inbetween. i want to help people. but i want power. not for against others but to be independant for myselfe

  3. The sociological hierarchy concept has been around for millennia, people are judged by what occupations they have, and are quick to judge you based on what occupation YOU have. Laws can be evaded and the people are the sheep, and if a tax law is passed meaning you have to pay more for some shit, or they banned something the people need, like guns, people wouldn’t step up to it because they aren’t afraid of judges, but of each other. Cops, swat teams, they might tell you that they’ll come and make you do something, even though they might not agree with it, but the purpose in the end being power and money, not necessarily because they agree with a law. They want to keep to the side of the most dominant. Even if they tell you “I’m only doing my job”, they are really saying that they are only achieving money and power. They could have chosen a profession that doesn’t hurt the people. In the end, when you die, money is nothing. Even if heaven is completely non existent, you don’t need a penny after you die. Hell, you don’t need oxygen, water, food, shelter, or any of that after death.

  4. I agree with you but i think its more of a old school way of thinking. Money power and respect is all people want these days. Not that i dont want those things too.

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