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Hobo Stove made from Ikea product?

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Hobo Stove made from Ikea product?
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8 thoughts on “Hobo Stove made from Ikea product?

  1. Thanks for watching guys. UPDATE on the knife: Only a few days anymore and then it will be available again 🙂

  2. Sorry not a cheerleader in this one, lol. I don’t think I would bring that or any stove in my pack just to take extra place and add more weight, also I try to take advantage of what nature has to offer, just my way I guess.

  3. I think you could have just turned it upside down after you cut the openings in the sides. If you are worried about the ground, just place it on a flat rock for the fire. That would make it even less expensive, no treadec rod or nuts.

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