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Catch and Cook – Survival Fishing in Africa

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Catch and Cook – Survival Fishing in Africa

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9 thoughts on “Catch and Cook – Survival Fishing in Africa

  1. Thanks for watching this video. My knife is sold out btw… so I want to thank all my customers who supported me and bought an APO-1. For those who did not get one in time I expect new knives to arrive in about 2 weeks. If you want to get a reminder per email. Just send me a business email. You will find the email address at my website

    1. hi lilly, i just saw your epic journey to africa (gabon) and i must say you are a very sweet woman : ) may God continue to bless you in our Lord and Savior’s name Jesus Christ. amen.

  2. Omg Lilly that last crab fight was the cherry on the pie…. I get blowed up when i drink 2 cans of coconut water 🙁 but it takes away the tiredness when Im exercising… ..Nice fish btw…. 😊

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