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Building A STEALTH Shelter Part 1

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Building A STEALTH Shelter Part 1
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12 thoughts on “Building A STEALTH Shelter Part 1

  1. Thanks for watching the first episode of the stealth shelter … I am working on part 2 right now 🙂 The knife used in this video is my own design and is sold on my website: Thanks to all the customers who bought an APO-1 so far. You are the best <3

    1. Great effort and safety advice was good.
      My primal urge foods pack arrived
      Wow the spicy ones 😜 have grrreeeatt taste . I look forward to the next box.
      And your next upload .

  2. You made the right choice about no fire. It’s good to see you being a good custodian of the forest. Your videos are always enjoyable, thanks.

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