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Are super-steels really that great?

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Are super steels really that great?
Long Term Test AUS8:

Extreme Destruction Test of AUS8:

I had a couple of rather brittle super-steel knives that chipped on me, then I got a knife in AUS8 and it never chipped on me once, hence I made the decision to produce my own survival knife in AUS8. It needs more sharpening than other steels but for me personally it is not a big deal, at least I know that AUS8 has less risk of breaking or chipping. Please keep in mind that this is not a Fallkniven bashing video, Fallkniven is a respectable knife manufacturer, and they produce a lot of great knives. Today’s video was only about steel choice.

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11 thoughts on “Are super-steels really that great?

  1. Thanks for watching this video. My knife is sold out btw… so I want to thank all my customers who supported me and bought an APO-1. For those who did not get one in time I expect new knives to arrive around mid of March. If you want to get a reminder per email. Just send me a business email. You will find the email address at my website. Besides here is another destruction test I did with a very thin AUS8 steel prototype, much thinner than the S1 I broke in this video. See what happens:

    1. i’m a knife nut that has bought way to many fixed blade knives. I have knives made with almost all steels and they are all ok/fine. when I trek/bushcraft/play danny boone I carry the tops knives “dart” made from 5160. to me,at least for now, 5160 is a supersteel. you are the best. good luck to you. i’m staying tuned. pdaddy and poco on piasa creek.

  2. Hey Lilly, have you seen the tomb raider.
    If you have don’t to feel like Lara Croft. I also want to be an explorer, part time survivalist with a youtube channel consisting of puzzle solving content, life videos, and some mythology explained kinda content.

  3. Hi Lilly! AUS8 scheint eine wirklich gute Wahl zu sein. Und ich dachte schon, Du hättest AUS8 gewählt weil Du in AUStria lebst und seit 8 Jahren Youtube-Videos machst. Nur Spaß! 🙂 Alles Gute und viel Erfolg mit dem APO-1! André

  4. My 2 favorite knife steels are 80Crv2 and AEB-L. I have found both steels to have a great balance of toughness and edge retention.

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