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APO-1 Survival K.N.I.F.E New Versions Now Available

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Get the k.n.i.f.e here:
First review with destruction test:

Payment can be made with Paypal or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex)

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7 thoughts on “APO-1 Survival K.N.I.F.E New Versions Now Available

  1. This may very well be the perfect outdoor knife (at least it has everything I would look for in a knife). Very well done!

  2. Very nice…. Would you consider offering a more simple molle sheath? I can see that your sheath can be fitted to a molle solution, but it would be nice to have a sheath that just uses a couple of molle straps to provide for the attachment… These can be found on a number of other competitive knife sheaths.

  3. Just ordered mine, cant wait to get it. I like the look of the old handle but all the other features of the new version.

  4. Very nice upgrades. Is there any way to get the stainless steel screws and fixtures so that we can upgrade the old first edition knives?

  5. Hi Lilly! I’m glad this is back in stock…I’ve been waiting impatiently! I only see the satin finish version, is the blackened version sold out? Thanks!

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